east drop deck trailer

East drop deck trailer models maximize payload, and deliver strength and durability to meet the needs of all types of drop deck trailer applications. By incorporating lighter weight and longer lasting components into each and every trailer, East has earned the reputation of having higher resale value.

The strength of our drop deck trailers is our dual-T main beam and exclusive cross member design, increasing durability and balancing load stresses more evenly for longer life and less maintenance. Its two T-shape extrusion sections of 6061-T6 aluminum alloy are welded, not bolted. The weld is in the middle of the beam where stress is minimal. Our seamless-tubed cross members are more twist resistant in a turn than conventional C-shaped and I-beam cross members.

Setting the standard for long life and low maintenance, East drop deck trailers are one of the lightest and strongest on the market, available in overall lengths up to 53 feet. To keep weight down, East drop deck trailers feature the industry’s only true all-aluminum, one-piece neck – no bolts or steel reinforcement needed. With today’s special load requirements, East offers one of the highest concentrated load ratings and more payload potential than the competition.

east drop deck trailer

Beast (BST Drop)

Offering a structural load rating of 80,000 pounds distributed, it can carry up to 2,500 pounds more payload than a comparable steel drop deck, and up to 1,200 pounds more than a comparable composite.

Beast II (BST II Drop)

Designed with all the features and benefits of the BST, the BST II DROP meets the needs of applications requiring higher load ratings without additional weight. It is rated up to 100,000 pounds distributed with a tandem axle. And, it boasts a 2-inch deeper main beam than the BST DROP.

Extreme-Low Deck (XLD)

Designed for increased payload versatility and better stability, the first all-aluminum drop deck trailer with a low-slung 36-inch deck height offers a lower center of gravity. With specialty loads, particularly equipment loads getting taller and taller, the new low-height East drop deck reduces the need for partial dismantling of the load to get it below the 13-feet 6-inch maximum legal height. Available in Beast and Beast II.

east drop deck trailer

Stronger Floor Decking:

Fully-enclosed floor design with full length continuous welds joining floor decking to main-frame beams, provides maximum strength and wind resistance with multi-hollow floor extrusions. Skid resistant, serrated-edge top surface.

Fully-Enclosed Wiring:

Hollow-core side-rail design, Securelight™, provides a conduit for wiring to be fully enclosed. Standard with LED PC-rated surface-mounted lights.

Rear Panel Fully Sealed:

Fully-sealed rear panel is water resistant. Recessed grooves protect conspicuity tape and rubber dock blocks and a heavy-wall bumper provides added protection.

Exclusive Securetight Cargo Controls:

Side-rail extrusions are designed for adjustable chain tie-downs and a unique winch strap capture system. Interchangeable on either side of the trailer, torque can be applied on both sides to help stabilize loads.

East Elite Wheel-end Warranty:

Standard wheel-end parts are warranted for 5 years or 350,000 miles. The assembly is filled with synthetic oil, which resists high-temperature breakdown.

east drop deck trailer

Since East drop deck trailers are custom manufactured, many options are available.

– Container Lock Twist-Locks
– Aluminum Tool and Side-Kit boxes
– Bulkheads: Fixed and Removable
– Lightweight Forklift Kit
– Built-in Traveling Unloading Crane
– Easy-Access Tarp Storage Compartment