Bridgestone’s Bandag Drive Tire Tread with Improved Wear Life

Tire Tread

Tread technology has come a long way in recent decades as tire manufacturers are able to use computer-assisted technologies to define new tread types for different road conditions and vehicles. In the trucking industry, a lot of focus has been placed on tire composition and tread design lately as these factors have a lot to do with extending tire service life.

To answer the call for better fuel economy and longer tread life, Bridgestone has created the Bandag B713 FuelTech drive tread. This drive tread is meant to supersede Bridgestone’s B710 tread which is currently in use across the United States. In fact, Bridgestone’s Bandag tread system has become so popular that in 2021, nearly 30,000 truck tires were retreaded using it.

Built for a Longer Service Life

In a time when every drop of fuel counts and repair and replacement costs are on every fleet manager’s mind, paying attention to how tires affect fuel economy is key to staying ahead of inflation and other economic threats. Bridgestone’s E8 Commitment, a pledge by the company to focus on energy and ecology in the design of its tires, has been incorporated into the design of the Bandag B713.

The incorporation of E8 Commitment principles sees the Bandag B713 come with 3D siping that utilizes 130% more biting edges over the Bandag 710. This is in addition to the continuous shoulder design that alleviates torque and weight distribution concerns.

More Time Between Retreads and Replacements

With the Bandag B713 drive tire tread, Bridgestone claims that drivers can expect to gain a 30% longer tread life over Bridgestone’s Bandag B710 tread. In keeping with the company’s ecology focus, this means fewer tires end up in landfills and fleet managers spend less per year on retreads and replacements.

New features in the design of the Bandag B713’s tread also mean fewer irregular wear opportunities. This adds to the longer service life expectancy put forth by Bridgestone.

Currently, the Bandag B713 is available in 210, 220, 230 and 240.