Carrier Transicold Program to Help Reefer Fleets Phase Out 3G


3G cellular service is being phased out across North America. While most of us replaced our old phones with 4G and 5G compatible devices long ago, there are still plenty of reefer trucks on the road with telematics systems that depend on this old communications standard. Heavy Duty Trucking reports that Carrier Transicold now has a program to help fleets upgrade their refrigerated trucks and trailers to current technology. Carrier Transicold eSolutions bundles subscription packages with hardware that makes these trucks to make them 4G LTE compatible. This allows fleets to upgrade from 3G without making a significant capital investment upfront and keeps their equipment up-to-date with new hardware. Carrier Transicold offers these services with three or 5-year contracts.

The hardware package used with Carrier Transicold eSolutions includes a transceiver, antenna, and wiring harness that connect to the existing refrigeration equipment. This allows old 3G hardware to be removed and replaced without updating the entire unit. Peripherals can be added for better monitoring, including door switches, temperature probes, and fuel sensors. Carrier Transicold lets fleets choose three service plans. This includes essential monitoring and two-way monitoring with control. The top package includes “enhanced control,” which adds data downloading, remote software updates, and more control over system configurations.

 Carrier Transicold eSolutions uses a web-based interface, letting fleet managers see all their cold chain assets using a single data stream. This data includes trailer temperatures, locations, and movement. Managers can also control refrigeration units remotely and use a features package that helps optimize refrigeration usage with the control packages. This helps improve fuel efficiency and makes it easier to manage service and maintenance on reefer equipment