Top Tips for Managing Truck Technology


Technology is a part of everyday life for almost everyone in today’s modern digital age. For the trucking industry, technology has provided plenty of benefits in improving efficiency and promoting safety. Of course, as with any significant change, transitioning into the digital age of connected technology is not without its challenges for trucking professionals.

Managing Trucking Tech in a Changing World

Among the biggest of these challenges is the management of technology. With so many new gadgets and systems coming out each year, it can be challenging to keep up with what your fleet needs as opposed to what is being hyped at the moment. To add to this, it often takes the addition of tech experts to join your team to utilize advanced trucking technology to its fullest.

When Tech Becomes the Problem

Another issue is that too much technology can bog down trucking professionals and support staff. For example, in-cab cameras and outward-facing cameras can provide a wealth of data for safety, but they can also lead to time wasted debating placement and monitoring protocols. Additionally, privacy concerns abound with these types of trucking technologies, and drivers tend to be against having a camera in their face every moment they are behind the wheel.

As Shaun Sadler, senior vice president of equipment at U.S. Xpress, recently noted at HDTX, “…a lot of our drivers are frustrated by these systems. They feel like the technology is ‘yelling’ at them all the time, and they get frustrated. Which is exactly what we do not want to happen. Still, we think it’s important to buy-in on new technology and introduce it into our fleet today. That way[,] both we as managers and the drivers can get educated on what it can do for us in the future.”

This sentiment encapsulates the challenges facing professionals working on truck technology. On the one hand, tech innovations can offer safety like never before, but they can also create new problems to solve. Often, these new problems require even more technology to be implemented, and over time, the snowball effect becomes a mess to untangle.

Avoiding Legal Trouble

Managing truck technology also requires a keen eye on the legalities involved with tech implementation. The simple fact is that lawsuits are a major factor in using connected technologies like cameras and data capture software. Privacy concerns about improper gathering or sharing of data can result in litigation, and no trucking company wants to spend time in a courtroom.

Working Together

This is why, once again, having the right tech experts on your team may be the simple solution. With the right team in place, you can address truck technology concerns before they boil over, and you can also consult your team regarding changes that need to be made to avoid the potential for legal hassles down the road.