Carrier Transicold Makes Telematics Standard on Reefer Units

Carrier Transicold

Carrier Transicold is making telematics standard on their most popular reefer units, the X4 and Vector 8000 series. This web-based system provides fleet managers with continuous information on cold chain assets via a centralized data stream. Using the system, they can see trailer temperatures, location, and movement. This makes it easier to manage refrigeration unit maintenance while optimizing trailer use. The platform is offered with several service plans and equipment configurations, letting owners choose the information they need. According to Heavy Duty Trucking, these features are available on a fully equipped and enabled Carrier reefer telematics system:

– Temperature monitoring and control

– Notifications when trailers enter or leave geofenced areas

– Real-time alerts for refrigeration unit problems while trailers are in service

– Wireless data transfer for diagnostic routines, precooling, and setpoint management

– Fuel level monitoring

– Door switch monitoring to aid delivery tracking and helps identify potential theft

– Diagnostic and analytic information to help managers increase uptime

Carrier offers three data packages: monitor, two-way monitor and control, and enhanced control. Enhanced control enables remote software updates and adjustments, as well as data downloads. Reefer settings and information are managed through Carrier Transicold IntelliSet, the reefer unit’s onboard refrigeration control system.

X4 and Vector 8000 series units that come with telematics standard use 4G LTE for communications. Peripheral components, including fuel sensors, door switches, temperature probes, and solar panels can be added to enable extra features.

In a press release, David Brondum, director of telematics at Carrier Transicold, said their new telematics standard offers more features than other solutions because it was built from the ground up to work with Carrier’s equipment.