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Featured Trailers from Intermountain Trailer

View our Featured Trailers and check back for updates! With over 150 Trailers in stock or arriving soon, we are sure to have what you need, check out our full inventory . We are well-known for our great prices, unbeatable service dept and excellent customer care. Come see us today and you’ll find out why! 2015 WABASH [...]
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2021 Trailer Trends: Lighter, Smarter, Tougher

Although the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 continued to create a drag on the economy into 2021, looser restrictions amid higher vaccination rates have given hope to America’s economic outlook. As a result, many in the trucking industry are looking forward and expecting the recent upswing in shipping and transportation to continue its hot streak over [...]
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How to Maximize Trailer Space

Often, it’s not weight that limits loads, it’s trailer space. Optimizing this space can mean increasing the amount of cargo moved with each load, and that means increased profits. There are two ways to do this: adding decks to load another layer of pallets, and using drop belly trailers with elevators to add a lower [...]
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