Intermountain Trailer aims to provide the best choices when it comes to semi-trailers you might need – including flatbeds. In case you didn’t already know, flatbed trailers are a flat trailer without any sides. It is used to carry large objects and abnormal loads such as machinery or heavy equipment. This type of transporting trailer has many uses and different companies need it for various cargo. Here at Intermountain Trailer we have several flatbed trailers for sale. Take a look at a couple of flatbed trailers for sale we have in stock and call us with any questions!

2020 Transcraft 48×102 Combo Flatbed


This 2020 Transcraft 48×102 Combo Flatbed trailer offers load flexibility with some of the highest floor ratings in the industry. The main beam provides a stronger web to flange attachment for performance that will last.

Specifications and features:

  • Size: 48′ x 102″
  • Beam rating:55,000 lb in 4’ / 60,000 lb in 10’ / 93,700 lb evenly distributed
  • Base weight: 9,735 lb / 4,416 kg
  • Main beam design: High-strength 50,000-PSI steel web
  • Crossmember Design and Floor System: 80K high tensile, 4” steel “I” beam crossmembers on 12” centers

For only $29,900, you’re getting tons of value for the money. You can check out this listing in more detail.

2020 East 48×102 All Aluminum Flatbed


The East Beast (BST) delivers up to 1,500 pounds more payload than a comparable composite flatbed trailer and also provides more stability and less flex during cornering and maneuvering.

Specifications and features:

  • Size: 48′ x 102″
  • Beam rating: 50,000 lb in 4’ / 60,000 lb in 10’ / 80,000 lb evenly distributed
  • Floor design: Skid resistant, serrated edge top surface
  • Wiring: Hollow-core side-rail design, Securelight, provides a conduit for wiring to be fully enclosed
  • Rear-end: Fully-sealed rear panel is water resistant

Delivering premium performance at only $42,900, this trailer is definitely worth every penny. You can view this listing


These are just some of the trailers we have in our inventory. You can view other trailers at Intermountain Trailer, including reefers, drop decks, dry vans and more flatbeds. Call (866) 296-5772 for any inquiries.