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Top Tips for Managing Truck Technology

Technology is a part of everyday life for almost everyone in today’s modern digital age. For the trucking industry, technology has provided plenty of benefits in improving efficiency and promoting safety. Of course, as with any significant change, transitioning into the digital age of connected technology is not without its challenges for trucking professionals. Managing [...]
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Secure That Cargo!

Cargo management is a top concern among all trucking professionals. After all, if cargo isn’t properly loaded and secured, it could be damaged or even cause injuries and accidents. This is why many trucking companies have been placing a big emphasis on the issue of cargo securement as of late. Securing cargo isn’t an exact [...]
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Greenhouse Gas Emissions Phase II Put On Hold After Court Ruling

The new year has begun without the implementation of EPA regulation of trailers, that had been slated to begin Jan 1st. In October last year, the Federal Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia granted a stay over the trailer provisions of the Phase 2 Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Fuel Efficiency Standards (GHG), drawn [...]
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