Thank you, truck drivers.

We at Intermountain Trailer want to express a heartfelt thanks to the professional truck drivers across the United States. We know the struggles and hardships a life in trucking can bring, but each truck driver is vital to our livelihoods and our country’s economy. 


For those that are less familiar with how hard-working truck drivers are, imagine working 70+ hours per week in almost complete isolation with all sorts of different job conditions to manage. From crazy weather and huge temperature swings, to extremely bad traffic in some of the country’s busiest cities, to erratic sleep cycles, to being confined to a very small space for weeks at a time. Imagine not seeing your family, spouse, children, parents, or friends for weeks at a time. Then imagine the stress of knowing that you are in one of the most hazardous jobs in the country and your safety must always be at the top of mind. Imagine being on the clock for nearly 14 hours in a given day and pulling into a truck stop to get your rest for the night and not finding anywhere to park. Imagine being in a profession where people don’t realize how hard your job really is, not giving your vehicle enough space to maneuver, putting you in danger, and not getting respect from the general motoring public for what you do every day. There’s a famous saying in the transportation industry, and that is “if you bought it, a truck driver brought it”. Unless it was homemade, everything you have was directly affected by a professional truck driver.


Now compare that to the average American working 40-45 hours per week. While we don’t get to travel the country and enjoy the open road, most of us aren’t in isolation all day long and have plenty of social interaction to get us through our day. Most of us aren’t confined to a small space. We can get up at any time during our day and take a break, go outside, go for a walk, or whatever we need to do to get refreshed. Most of us are sheltered from the weather and aren’t in danger the entire length of our work day. And finally, most of us get to go home to our families and friends at the end of every workday.


Our point is, there is a lot to appreciate about a truck driver. Truthfully, it’s a job that most of us wouldn’t be able to do. Truck driving is a lifestyle that many people don’t understand. It consumes their days for weeks at a time. Some of our most courageous, dependable and hardest workers in this country are truck drivers. They are the backbone of our economy and what keeps this country moving. Next time you see a truck driver, please make sure to say thank you for all that they do.


THANK YOU for bringing the goods the American public needs from point A to point B. Without you, we couldn’t live our lives the way we do today.

THANK YOU for transporting the food we eat to our grocery stores and restaurants. Without you, we wouldn’t have food on our tables.

THANK YOU for following safety regulations. Without your careful training and respect for laws, we’d have more accidents on the highway.

THANK YOU for moving healthcare items and medication to doctors, pharmacists and hospitals. Without you, we wouldn’t have accessible healthcare.

THANK YOU for learning how to handle the various weather conditions you face while on the road. Without you moving freight 365 days a year, our nation would be impacted severely.

THANK YOU for transporting the nation’s fuel to gas stations. Without you, we couldn’t get to work, the store or anywhere we needed to be. Without truck drivers, we couldn’t utilize cars or other methods of public transportation.

THANK YOU for also moving fuel to airports, train stations and shipping ports. Without you, the entire transportation industry wouldn’t function properly.

THANK YOU for taking up a difficult lifestyle to move America forward. Without you doing your job, we couldn’t do ours – every industry, from manufacturing to retail, runs on the goods you transport.

THANK YOU for being away from your friends and family for extended periods of time. Without your dedication to your work, our economy and lives would be seriously hindered.

THANK YOU for tackling one of our economy’s most challenging and essential jobs. Our world today couldn’t function without you!


We want to say an additional THANK YOU to the spouses, kids and friends that support our nation’s truck drivers. Without your encouragement and understanding, the professional drivers on the road wouldn’t be able to do their jobs.


Be safe out there in all that you do. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for everything you do!