With the arrival of COVID-19, we saw the rapid shutdown of businesses. This has caused our economy to go into recession. During past recessions, many workers in other industries who’d been laid off, made the decision to begin a career as a truck driver. Is the same thing going to happen during this recession? Learn how this recession may have a different effect on trucking employment numbers than the one in 2007.

December 2007

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics information reported in an article in (April 28, 2020), there was a 13% drop in employment in the trucking industry in 2007. However, the construction industry experienced a 40% drop in jobs. These two industries have a connection. The Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey reports, “…In 2009, nearly 7 percent of all employed truck drivers had worked in construction the previous year. Whereas, in normal times, anywhere from 2 percent to 3 percent of employed truck drivers were working in construction a year earlier.” This data shows an increase in workers going from the construction industry into truck driving during 2009.

2020 and COVID-19

The increased demand for essential supplies has given truck drivers an even more important role. Google searches containing the words CDL training done in March and early April haven’t increased. But, workers and businesses in all industries were just beginning to feel the effects of COVID-19.

So, there’s definitely a chance to see an uptick in truck driving employment as this pandemic continues to affect our society.